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Rates & Details

How fast do the horses travel?
The horses travel approximately 4 to 5 miles an hour.  Your final destination for special events should not exceed 5 miles in length.  Certain conditions could cause this number of miles to vary depending mostly on hills, terrain, and excessive heat.

How strong are the horses?



The Percheron Draft Horses (the only kind of horses we use at Bethlehem Carriage) were bred for:

  • heavy pulling
  • field work
  • horse-drawn transportation
  • To carry knights into battle with all their heavy armor on.

They can pull 2 ½ times their own weight with a load without wheels and up to 6 times their own weight with a vehicle with wheels.  That means they can pull up to 9,600 lbs each!  The carriages only weigh 1000lbs - 1800lbs.



Where can I see the Carriages & Horses?

The carriages & horses can be viewed on the Horses & Carriages links or you can visit us at our Christmas Rides or Country Carriage Rides.  Click on links for more details.



 Are you insured?

 Yes, we are fully insured.

Please note:  As with all equine activities in the state of Pennsylvania, when participating in a horse activity according to the law:  You  assume the risk of equine activities pursuant to Pennsylvania Law.


What if the weather is bad?

All carriages have a top that can cover you incase of rain and too much sun.  


Our horses do not work in excessive heat.  They are never worked when the heat is even near to what the horse?s body can't handle. 


All horses are given sufficient breaks during their working day.  On average they break for 15 minutes for every 60 minutes of working.


Why don't the horses wear horse shoes?

That's right, you probably won?t be seeing any horse shoes on Bethlehem Carriage Company?s horses.  We maintain their feet using the Natural Hoof Trim ourselves (this service is available to other horses in the Eastern Pennsylvania area).


The natural hoof trim is much healthier for the horses legs, joints, and hooves especially since the carriage horses travel so much on the unforgiving asphalt roads.  Due to this better way of hoof care the horses will have a longer life expectancy and live more comfortable with less or no leg and joint problems as is so common with most horses that wear horse shoes.  Please click on this link to learn more about the Natural Hoof Trim.


 First 1 hr.
 2nd hr.

Vis-a-Vis Formal/Wedding/Christmas/Sweet 16

holds up to 4

Each additional half hour
$ 125



Weddings/Sweet 16/Princess Rides/Christmas

holds up to 6 -The most elegant carriage

Each additional half hour
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All Christmas Events & Larger Groups/ Santa Rides
Tree Lightings/Christmas 
Fancy Sleigh with convertable top
requires a team (2nd horse included)
Each additional half hour

 Group Wagon 

Casual or Formal Group Rides

holds 12-20



requires a team (2nd horse included in price)

 Each additional half hour
$ 175
 Baraat Horse
  Umbrella additional $50
 * Can add to Baraat decorations to carriages for $100
*Some contracts may require a team (second horse).  In this case add $100 (Wagon already includes team horse)
*20% gratuity will be added to total

Country Carriage Ride

1hour Scenic Ride from the farm in Bath, Pa

Choice of Vis-a-Vis or Victorian Couples Carriage 

(Cinderella Carriage or Wagon add $100)

 *20% gratuity will be added to total