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                      Fun Pictures!


 "Ahhh!  The wind messed up my hair for the shot".


 My how young they start driving!  Very Scary.

Strange coachwomen (don't know when this photo was dug up from... probably from a long time ago). 


 Luke having fun in the snow (while still doing his thing)!


 Who does that top hat really belong to?

Jack and an Easton Ambassador (2 of the best things Easton's got:  Jack & Jaunita)

 This very well may have been the cutest guest of the summer.


Was "Handsome Jack" really the pirate "One-Eyed-Jack" all along?!?! Argh!

They're just silly.


"Mad" Jack (he's even foaming at the mouth!) 



Driver, bugle boy, flag, driving whip.    Is this what sums up what ya come to Easton, Pa for?  No, the crayons are missing!



"My, that horse is Handsome! "


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