Bethlehem Carriage Company

  Creating Unique Memories
That Will Last a Lifetime 

The Horses of Bethlehem Carriage Company

Our horses have been carefully chosen for their flashy appearance, good looks, and great dispositions!


We have WHITE horses for your special event:

  • Grey (White)
  • and Blacks




Color: Grey/White

Breed: Percheron
Age: 20's


Color: Grey/White

Breed: Percheron
Age: 12




Handsome Jack
Call Name: "Jack"

Call Name: "Luke"




 Maple (Left) & Roxy (Right) 


All our horses are maintained with the healthy Barefoot Natural Hoof Trim!!!

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We don't destroy and wear our horses down with horseshoes.


Please note: As with all equine activities in the state of Pennsylvania, when participating in a horse activity according to the law: You acknowledge that you assume the risk of equine activities pursuant to Pennsylvania Law.